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My husband LOVES any and all sports and activities. Me, on the other hand…. I enjoy golf? Only when I have a cart that is. As you can imagine, vacation planning is VERY difficult for us. We can rarely find a place where we can both do the things we BOTH want to do. It’s usually quite a compromise. So, if history were to be altered and Fish Creek were our travel destination rather than our home, here is how I, a self-admitted “lazy” girl, would spend my vacation:

8AM: While my husband gets his sweats on and goes for his morning walk, outside our cozy B&B, I will lay in my comfy bed, read my book and drink coffee.

10AM: While my husband munches his Door County Cherry granola, I prefer my coffee with a house-made cinnamon bun.

12PM: As my husband begins his swim from Nicolet Bay to Horseshoe Island, I’ll be sitting in the sand reading my book.

2PM: Time for a late lunch! My husband’s protein-dense meat-sandwich from Nor’s (behind the Fish Creek Market) pales in comparison to my veggie/meat/cheese creation. (In my dreams he also gives me his cookie!)

4PM: During my husband’s afternoon jog, I’ll take a stroll around town and do some shopping. Fish Creek’s shopping is easily the best in Door County.

6PM: At our romantic, candle light dinner at the Cookery, my husband graciously shares his steak with me, although my quinoa, beet and feta salad are all mine! Along with this delicious bottle of Orchard Country Winery merlot…

8PM: Strolling along the moonlit marina, with the sound of waves lapping and my hunny is the perfect way to end my perfect day…besides a flaming coffee at the Bayside!! 

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