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If you’re anything like me, packing for a vacation isn’t the most enjoyable task. I usually end up with either 100 pairs of shoes or washing one pair of socks every day in my hotel room sink (usually because I was too preoccupied with packing shoes). So, to make the most of your luggage space and vacation in Fish Creek (and all of Door County), here are five essential items to get the most out of your next Fish Creek experience:

1.) CAMERA: This should go without saying, but with sunsets, scenery, and special moments like the ones you’ll find in Fish Creek….you’re going to capture every moment.

2.) Selfie Stick: You may think it sounds silly, but this handy tool is not only inexpensive (I bought mine for $3 at Target), but also lets you capture tons of scenery with EVERYONE in your group in the photo! (And no asking strangers, either!)

3.) Good Tennis Shoes: With hundreds of miles of trails to bike, hike and run; as well as charming, downtown you’ll want to walk for hours, a good pair of shoes will make life much easier on your feet and back.

4.) Bathing Suit: Between the numerous beaches in the summer and cozy, indoor pools (at numerous resorts in town), a swimsuit will be an essential part of your vacation - even in the snowy months!

5.) A Sense of Adventure and an Open Mind: One of the biggest reasons people love our community is because of the plethora of new experiences for people of every age and ability. With a mind open to new, cultural and exciting experiences, you’ll be able to “redefine you vacation” in this wonderful town every year. 

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