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It’s the most important choice you have to make when choosing your vacation destination: Where will we be staying? As your home away from home, you want to be absolutely sure your decision provides the perfect level of comfort and convenience at the right cost. Fortunately, the Fish Creek community in Door County offers a wide range of lodging options – many of which offer special packages and mid-week rates!


Fish Creek Resorts & Inns

Lodging Option 1: Resorts & Inns

Ideal for families or larger groups, there’s one main advantage in choosing a resort above all other lodging options: the amenities. From bicycle rentals and indoor/outdoor pools to private docks or fireplaces, Fish Creek resorts and inns have a lot to offer.

This option may also be more suitable for longer stays and more accommodating for groups that need multiple rooms.


Fish Creek Cottages

Lodging Option 2: Cozy Cottages

If you can imagine staying in a lakeside cabin or small second home, then you can certainly picture the charm of our area cottages. A great lodging option for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, one major perk of these places is that many of them are pet-friendly.

With plenty of cozy cottages to choose from in Fish Creek, simply choose your favorite based on location, space, or unique style.


Fish Creek Condos & townhomes

Lodging Option 3: Condos & Townhomes

A great choice for an extended stay is to reserve a Fish Creek condominium or townhome, which offers a similar experience to that of a resort but with a more personal touch. Many are equipped with private entries, which also makes them perfect for those looking for a relaxing getaway.

This lodging option often provides a whole unit for rent, so families or groups of friends will feel right at home with this choice.


Fish Creek Bed & Breakfast

Lodging Option 4: Bed & Breakfasts

These friendly accommodations are made for romantic getaways. Many Fish Creek bed & breakfasts are nestled into the natural landscape, creating spectacular sunset views and beautifully framing the relaxing scenery.

This lodging option is a bit more social of a stay, as B&Bs often include common areas, but the friendly staff members and neighboring guests may just be the highlight of your trip, once you commit to a room.


Your Door County Stay Awaits!

Your Door County Stay Awaits!

Fish Creek is a premier destination town located in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Here you’ll find so many opportunities for shopping, dining, relaxing, experiencing nature, and so much more!

If you’re ready to experience a getaway to remember, book your future stay today, as rooms fill up early for festivals and popular travel weekends. But remember – if you visit once, you might end up coming back for a lifetime!

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