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A Trick of the Light

A Trick of the Light

June 18, 2019 - July 07, 2019

Peninsula Players Theater

Address: 4351 Peninsula Players Road

Phone: (920) 868-3287


Eddie discovers an astonishing skill – he can become invisible!

Eddie is a 40-something guy who has love, comfort, stability, closeness and joy, but he feels he hasn’t accomplished anything of real significance or lasting value. Then one day he discovers a very unexpected and astonishing skill. He can become invisible. Vanish. With a gesture of his hand! He has no idea where it came from or what to do about it, or even if he should do anything about it. He confides in his good friends Marty, a very anxious actor, and Darrell, a dweeb who gets through life by telling joke after joke, but they can’t really help him. When he confides in his loving and dazzling wife Beth, the vanishing doesn’t happen in front of her! Why? What to do? As Eddie navigates these strange and unprecedented waters, he and his two buddies learn a little about themselves, about life and about love.

8PM Tuesday – Saturday and 7:30PM on Sunday except July 7th at 4PM.