Where to eat and drink?

In this beautiful corner of Door County, it’s easy to stay indulged. With more than twenty dining options in the area, from decadent and delicious to downright simple, you’ve got your choice.

Feed your inner foodie and relish in Fish Creek’s culinary traditions at some of the nicest restaurants on the peninsula. Enjoy visiting the areas wineries, orchards and fresh farmers markets. Take in a evening at one of the wine bars or meet friends at the tavern. If you’re in the mood for a quick pick-me-up, the coffee shops of Fish Creek offer a delicious boost. If you’re looking to grab a few items and return to the cottage, then you’ll find plenty of options at the bakeries and delicatessens, and surely don’t forget to indulge with a belly-full of extra smooth ice cream at one of the area’s renowned confectioners and custard shops.

Click:year-round-businesses For the long list of Fish Creek businesses open during winter.